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Kitchen Renovation

Ask almost anybody, and they will tell you that the kitchen is one of if not the most used rooms in their home, so why shouldn’t it be the most spacious, elegant, relaxing room in the home? Here at Regal Renovations, we desire to give our clients the kitchen of their dreams, bringing their designs to life and making the most of every square inch of available space.

Walk-in pantries • Cabinet installation • Countertop installation

New flooring • New trim • Backsplash installation and more.

Bathroom Renovation

According to, a minor bathroom remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your home! A major remodel is not far behind it in 5th place. Taking a home from a dated look to a modern, elegant, functional space allows you to enjoy it for years to come, or can give you a huge return on your investment should you be looking to sell your home in the near future!

Whole Home Renovation

Why just do one room in your home when you could do them all? Let us give you a whole new house, be it a new kitchen, bathroom, and basement, or just two of those, or new trim and a fresh coat of paint throughout the home. We can customize your home remodel to fit your needs and budget!

Sink and vanity replacement • Shower reframing and drywalling • A fresh coat of paint • New doors • New flooring • New trim and molding • Built-in shelving • New closet shelving

New hardware and fixtures • Updated electrical fixtures • Tile installation • Tub/shower combos

Basement Renovation

Oftentimes a basement can be a dark, dull, lifeless space, most often used just for storing Christmas decorations and clothing that has long since been forgotten. Let us come and bring new life to your basement today, giving you a bright and usable space!

Framing and drywalling • Built-in storage shelves

Flooring installation • Doors and trim installation

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